The Great Plains During World War II


Amarillo Globe
Billings Gazette
Dakota Farmer
Dallas Morning News
Daily Oklahoman
Denver Post
Kearney Daily Hub
Kansas Farmer
Lincoln Star
Lincoln Sunday Journal and Star
Nebraska Farmer
Sunday World-Herald
Omaha World-Herald
Rapid City Daily Journal
Roswell Daily Record
Salina Journal
Wichita Eagle
Wyoming State Tribune

Amarillo Globe

Pooling of Farm Machinery Relieves Shortage of Labor (1942-03-08)
Clovis Rapidly Becoming a Mecca For U.S. Army Installations (1942-09-27)
Amarillo Women Are 'Doing Something, Too', in Keeping Business 'As Usual' (1942-06-21)
Amarillo Girls Don't Mind Black Car Grease Getting Under Nails (1942-09-27)
Roswell School Now Turning Out First-Rate Bombardiers, Pilots (1942-09-27)
Clip This Consumer Ration Form At Home, Fill It Out, Save Time (1943-02-17)

Billings Gazette

Great Falls Army Air Base Is Ready for Big Training Program (1942-12-20)
Farms Will Draw on New Labor Sources for 1942 (1942-03-23)
2,000 Mexican Workers in N.D. (1944-06-15)
Mexican Workers May Come Here (1944-07-01)
3,000 Mexican Harvest Workers Due in N.D. Soon (1944-07-21)

Dakota Farmer

This is Going to be Tough! (1942-11-14)
Your Mexican Hired Hand (1945-07-07)

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Girls and Boys Aid in March to Victory By Training for War Jobs at NYA Workshop (1943-03-13)
Average Soldier on Week End In Dallas Not Rowdy With Girls Or Liquor; 1.67 Per Cent Jailed (1943-06-20)
Rains, Lack of Pickers Menace Cotton Crop (1944-10-05)
Rains, Picker Shortage Upset Cotton Growers (1944-10-06)
Arrests Break Up Huge Sugar Ring In Black Market (1945-06-16)
Sugar Lack May Shut Bakeries Extra Day (1945-06-29)

Daily Oklahoman

Construction of Air Base Here To Be Started Within Month (1940-10-12)
Army to Station Third Air Unit At City Airport (1940-10-26)
Army to Expand Its Expenditures at City Airport (1940-11-28)
Oklahoma Drivers Urged to Drive Slowly to Conserve Rubber (1942-01-04)
Fifty Aggie Co-Eds Enter New Firemanship Course for Women (1942-05-20)
State Schools Need Seen As 400 Teachers (1942-05-20)
60 Kiwanians to Pick Cotton; Banker to Be Water Boy (1942-10-09)
New Jobs for Women (1942-12-21)
Eight Taverns Banned Under Navy's Ruling (1943-01-03)
Men at War, Wheat Harvest Is Story of Women in Fields (1943-06-27)

Denver Post

Low-Flying Fortress 'Bombs' City Home With Lead Weight (1943-06-01)
Yount Says Lowry Field Will Be Big Defense Unit (1940-01-29)
Lowry Expansion Outstrips Schedule (1940-09-05)
Minneapolis Bid Is Low on Lowry Job (1940-09-15)
$3,000,000 Housing Plan Will Fit Ft. Warren For 10,000 Men (1940-10-09)
U.S. Will Ask Bigger Crops in Colorado (1941-10-12)
Businessmen Join Colorado Defense Force (1940-12-16)
Denver Rushes Plan for Tire Rationing (1941-12-29)
Only 1.4 Per Cent of Colorado Cars May Get Tires (1941-12-30)
State's Tire Rationing Boards Setup Nearing Completion (1941-12-31)
Cafe Sugar Bowls to Vanish Thursday Until War Is Ended (1942-02-10)
Denver Area Fights U.S. Plan for Youth Farming Battalions (1942-05-02)
Western Farmers Are Told to Solve Labor Problems (1942-05-21)
State Needs 3,439 More Beet Workers (1942-09-09)
Drivers Still Fail to Heed 35-Mile Limit (1942-11-29)
U.S. to Mobilize 'Land Army' of over 3 Millions (1943-01-25)
Point Ration to Halve Normal Consumption of Canned Foods (1943-02-22)
Official Table of Point Values for Processed Foods (1943-02-22)
Ordnance Plant Has Fine Record (1943-04-03)
Gov. Vivian Renews Demands Army Farmers Be Release (1943-04-16)
Great Land Army Being Mobilized for Harvest (1943-07-06)
Farm Work Call Is Issued to Women and Children (1944-02-29)
Fort Logan Will Get First Convalescent Cases in Two Weeks (1944-04-06)
Ft. Logan to Be Convalescent Center Starting at Midnight (1944-04-14)
Taverns Ordered to Help In Cleanup of Pueblo (1944-05-25)
Fort Logan Designated as Demobilization Post (1944-09-01)
Women's Land Army Is Doing Big Job in State (1944-09-28)
Midwest Women Save American Farms (1945-07-01)
U.S. Sugar Mess Will Get Worse (1945-07-13)

Kearney Daily Hub

Nebraska Receives Place in Defense Industry Picture (1940-12-07)
Nebraska Home Defense Plans Being Completed (1941-05-26)
Training Women in Aircraft Sheet Metal Work Will Start Next Week (1942-04-11)

Kansas Farmer

Women Will Drive Tractors (1944-03-04)

Lincoln Star

Sale of 'Strong Beer' at Lincoln Air Base Flayed (1943-01-19)
Norfolk Board of Education Protesting Teachers Going To War Work (1943-02-02)

Lincoln Sunday Journal and Star

War Brings Many Changes in Lincoln (1943-01-31)
Union college trains women for civilian work in war (1943-01-31)

Nebraska Farmer

Farm Prices Rise as War Continues (1942-01-24)
Nebraska's 120 Thousand Fighting Farmers (1942-07-11)
Corn Harvest Is Big Job (1944-11-04)

Sunday World-Herald

Now the Co-Eds Fly for Uncle Sam (1940-01-07)
Over Lush Nebraska Fields Soars Feminine Dawn Patrol (1941-06-01)
Arms Plants for Nebraska Seem Unlikely (1941-06-08)

Omaha World-Herald

10 Tons of Pots 'n' Pans for Uncle Sam (1941-07-25)
Omaha's Gift to Defense, Aluminum, on the Way (1940-10-10)
Rigid Quotas for Machinery for Farmers (1942-01-11)
Urges School Boys to Fill Farm Jobs (1942-02-07)
City Lads Learn Farm Work to Help Meet Rural Labor Shortage (1942-04-26)
Women Given Auto Testing Jobs; 'Get Along Just Fine' (1942-06-21)
Alliance Becomes Typical Boom Town as Workers Swarm to Build Glider School (1942-07-02)
Collection Centers Are Set in City's Drive for Scrap; WPA Will Aid in State (1942-07-16)
Huskers Turn Over Tires Used in Practice to Scrap (1942-07-21)
Burt County Holds Per Capita Lead in State Scrap Campaign; Omaha's Pickup Makes Spurt (1942-07-22)
Women Learn About Autos (1942-07-30)
Memo to Mrs. Public (1942-08-20)
'Tribute to Nebraskans' (1942-08-26)
Wanted: Women! (1942-10-25)
Nebraska Scrap Average is 226.74 Pounds; Thought U. S. Top; Far Past WPB Goal (1942-11-01)
Four Violations Draw Fines of $100 After Omaha Has 17-Minute Blackout Test (1942-11-07)
'Turn 'Em Off' (1942-11-07)
Farm Implement Dealers Fear Loss of Business (1942-12-11)
Typical of 2,000 Women Workers at Bomber Plant (1942-12-13)
Women Not Afraid of Grease and Dirt Train for Army Ordnance Depot Jobs (1943-01-24)
Omaha Meets Raid Test (1943-02-01)
Are Farmerettes Worth Their Keep? (1943-03-01)
Women Are Making Good in War Work (1943-03-31)
Women Taking Hotel Jobs (1943-04-25)
50 Mexicans Reach State (1943-05-14)
Bomb (1943-07-04)
Bombs for Hitler, Hirohito loaded at Grand Island (1943-07-04)
Women Do Nine-Tenths of the Work (1943-07-04)
Men May Well Be Amazed at Jobs Women are Holding (1943-07-11)
State's Farm Women Earn a Chapter in War History (1943-07-29)
Women War Help Sought (1943-11-07)
Nebraska Paper Salvage Gains Momentum (1943-12-05)
Farms Score Food Victory (1944-01-01)
Thousand Women Needed at Once to Cope with Patriotic Hens' Output (1944-04-09)
Girl Reporter Discovers Eight Steps to Breaking Eggs, Work Is Fun After Learning Rhythm Speeds Output (1944-04-16)
Few Sign Up for Beet Harvest Work; Recruiter May Try to Enlist Mexicans (1944-10-22)
2,000 More Martin Plant Workers Needed at Once (1944-11-19)

Rapid City Daily Journal

Air Base Work Increases Here (1942-02-05)
Last Year's Record Farm Output Is Base For Bigger Production (1942-02-26)
Sioux Falls Named As Site of $15,000,000 Army Radio School (1942-03-28)
Benefits To Rapid City As Result Of Air Base Many And Varied–Bank Debits In City Lead The Entire State–Financial Gains Still Felt (1942-10-10)
Second Hand Farm Implements, Once Ignored, Are Now Bringing Fabulous Prices At Rural Sales (1943-03-15)
Unlucky Farmers Will Pick Corn All Winter (1944-10-13)
Mexicans Aided State Harvest (1945-02-05)
Inactivation Of Base Here Effective Friday (1945-09-15)
Most Civilians Leave Jobs At Army Air Base (1945-09-21)

Roswell Daily Record

War Department Announces Big Air Field Comming to Roswell Will Cost Total $6,500,000 (1941-08-08)
Tuesday for $30,000 to Buy Land for Army Air School (1941-08-08)
The Army Air Base and What Roswell People Say of It (1941-08-10)
Work on Army Air Base May Start In September; Give Up Land August 31st; Permanent Brick and Stucco Buildings (1941-08-14)
Work to Start Soon on Roswell Air Base (1941-11-07)
Roswell High School Students To Pick Cotton (1942-10-16)

Salina Journal

Home Guard Duty (1941-02-14)
Kansas Home Guard Training Program (1941-05-28)
State Guard Here (1941-06-05)
State Food Goals (1941-10-04)
Double Food Task (1941-10-08)
Sign For Sweets (1942-04-22)
Site Surveyed for Salina's New Air Base (1942-04-28)
Air Base Sure (1942-04-29)
Men For Harvest (1942-05-11)
Saline Protest In (1942-05-15)
Thousands of Acres of Saline County Becomes a Defense Area (1942-06-06)
Business Men, School Boys as Farm Workers (1942-09-14)
Leave School to Help in Harvest (1942-09-23)
Must Share Rides (1942-10-21)
Share on Farms (1942-10-29)
Ready for Ration (1942-10-30)
Calls on Schools to Provide Labor (1943-08-24)
Women Will Be Enlisted for Harvest (1944-01-14)
Women Undertake Work on Saline Farms (1944-03-31)
Camp Phillips to Be Closed (1944-08-30)
Not a Ghost Camp (1945-06-02)
Horse Meat Has Moved to Table (1945-07-05)

Wichita Eagle

Wichita Women Now Make Hands Pay Big Dividends (1942-01-19)
Share-The-Ride Plan Launched at Wichita (1942-11-29)
Suggests Training of Women Farmers (1943-10-23)
City Folk to Aid of Harvests (1944-05-14)
State Orders Tire Rationing Committees for All Counties (1941-12-25)
State Ration Quota on New Tires is Set (1941-12-31)
Clothes Designs Especially for Farm Women at Work Planned (1942-01-14)
50 MPH Road Limit Urged in Wyoming (1942-01-15)
Labor Shortage Putting More Women Workers Upon Farms (1942-04-23)
Volunteers Save Sugar Beets of Sheridan Region (1942-07-23)
Labor Shortage in Sugar Beet and Bean Fields Grows Grave (1942-08-14)
Wickard Orders Rationing for Farm Machines (1942-09-17)
Increased Use of Women on Farms Sought (1942-10-08)
Persons Eating Regularly At Cafes, Institutions, Must Pay Ration Points (1943-05-05)
Few Motorists Obey Wartime Speeding Law (1944-07-19)
Meat Shortage Reaches Acute Stage in Cheyenne (1945-05-24)

Wyoming State Tribune

150 Carpenters Go to Work at Cantonment (1940-12-02)
U. P. and Ft. Warren Agree to Pay for Water on Basis of Use (1943-05-24)
U. P. and Ft. Warren Agree to Pay for Water on Basis of Use (1943-05-24)
Here Are Ration Point Changes for January (1944-01-03)
Library Aids Waste Paper Salvage Here (1944-04-14)
Mexico Will Send 20,000 to Labor For Beet Growers (1944-06-13)