The Great Plains During World War II

About the project

Project Director

  • R. Douglas Hurt
    Professor, Department Head, Department of History
    Purdue University

    Professor Hurt specializes in the history of the Trans-Appalachian and Trans-Mississippi West. His books include: The Great Plains during World War II; The Indian Frontier, 1763-1846; The Ohio Frontier, 1763-1830; Nathan Boone and the American Frontier; Agriculture and Slavery in Missouri's Little Dixie; Problems of Plenty: The American Farmer in the Twentieth Century; The Dust Bowl: An Agricultural and Social History; and Indian Agriculture in America: Prehistory to the Present.

CDRH Project Team

  • Katherine Walter, CDRH Co-Director
  • Karin Dalziel, Digital Resources Designer
  • Adam Kiser, Undergraduate Design Student
  • Nic Swiercek, Graduate Assistant
  • Laura Weakly, Metadata Encoding Specialist


The Great Plains during World War II is an electronic archive of congressional debates, government documents, newspaper articles, letters, photographs, posters, and illustrations about daily life in the Great Plains from 1939 to 1945. This digital collection will help researchers understand the significance of World War II to the residents of the region, all within the context of national and international events.