The Great Plains During World War II

Bombs for Hitler, Hirohito loaded at Grand Island

Two tremendous bomb loading plants are operating in Nebraska. They are identical in size and area, in location of loading lines and production capacity.

Under army ordnance, they are operated by civilian companies. Pictured on this page are actual bomb loading activities, shown in the Cornhusker ordnance plant near Grand Island, which is operated by the Quaker Oats company.

On the following two pages are pictures, mostly showing safety devices and plant features, which were made at the Nebraska ordnance plant near Mead, operated by the Firestone company.

Both plants are loading one-thousand-pound bombs. Production figures cannot be printed, but it is safe to say that a great many bombs loaded in these Nebraska plants have already been dropped in far corners of the world.

Employes at both plants are efficient, hard workers. Absenteeism is comparatively small, and accidents have been held to a minimum. Each worker secretly, but sincerely believes the bomb she helps create are destined for either Hitler or Hirohito.