The Great Plains During World War II

150 Carpenters Go to
Work at Cantonment

One hundred and fifty new carpenters went to work Monday morning at the replacement center construction project at Ft. Warren and the employment of more men will follow as rapidly as tehy can be found, it was announced Monday by Maj. Barney L. Meeden, construction quartermaster at the post.

Water supply to the replacement center is expected to be ready within a short time with most of the excavation for the 30-inch main from the reservation to the center already completed. A 24-hour shift is at work on the installation of the water line.

Meeden reported that Mead and Mount, contractors for the construction are building saw mills to cut up the lumber which will be used for various buildings. Foundations for some of the buildings have already been dug.

Offices for contractors have been erected and all administrative staffs have been organized, Meeden reported.

Meeden pointed out that an enormous amount of engineering work must be accomplished prior to the actual erection of buildings and every foundation, footing, shape, design and detail of each building must be plotted on paper, and all detail plans prepared for the carpenters and mechanics before actual construction can begin.

Approximately 80 engineers and draftsmen are working 24-hour shifts to complete plans for the replacement center.

Meeden said that the main utilities system will be installed before cold weather sets in.