The Great Plains During World War II


State Signals Recruiting Imme-
diately, Verner Smith Tem-
porary Captain

Recruiting of men and officers for an infantry company of the state guard here will begin immediately, according to Verner Smith. Smith has been appointed temporary captain and recruiting officer by Adj. Gen. M. R. McLean and expects to form a company of 40 enlisted men and two officers besides himself.

Uniforms and an armory will be furnished by the state and the federal government will supply rifles and ammunition. Members of the guard will be subject to call anywhere in the state, according to Smith and those eligible for the draft will not be deferred because of membership. Age limits are 21 to 50.

Purpose of the state organization is to replace national guard units now in military training, Smith said. Applications for enlistment are being taken at temporary headquarters at 137 South Santa Fe.